Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to Start With the CMMI

If a private software company wants to do get a certificate of quality for CMMI Level 2, what must this company do in order to obtain Level 2? And also what are the steps that must be followed from the start (initial) to achieve CMMI Level 2 (Managed)?

First let me state that there is no certification of any type for the CMMI. Individual Lead Appraisers will issue something looks like a certificate to the organization that was appraised indicating the SCAMPI A results. But this is not a certification. The only things that the SEI certifies are the CMMI instructors and Lead Appraisers.

Here are the necessary steps for achieving Maturity Level 2 for the CMMI-DEV. These steps are not necessarily sequential, some can occur concurrently.
  1. Hire an SEI-certified Lead Appraiser to conduct a Gap Analysis of the company to determine the current process strengths and weaknesses and help the company construct a Process Improvement Plan (PIP).
  2. Obtain executive management sponsorship for the process improvement effort.
  3. Train the people responsible for the company’s processes and for addressing the action items in the PIP on the 3-day SEI Introduction to CMMI v1.2 class.
  4. Address the issues from the Gap Analysis, document the necessary processes and procedures, and begin conducting the PPQA process and work product audits.
  5. Allow time for the new and/or modified processes to get some use on various projects.
  6. Conduct a SCAMPI B appraisal as a dress rehearsal for the SCAMPI A. Identify any issues and weaknesses that are potential risks to achieving Maturity Level 2.
  7. Create a new PIP to address the SCAMPI B identified weaknesses and risks.
  8. Address these issues
  9. Conduct the Maturity Level 2 SCAMPI A appraisal.