Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Can I Update My Appraisal Results After Submission to the SEI?

I had an interesting call from a client the other day. He wanted to know if is was possible to change the wording in the Appraisal Disclosure Statement after it has been posted by the SEI on the Published Appraisal Results web site. I told him no, after the appraisal sponsor and Lead Appraiser have signed the ADS and submitted it to the SEI, there can be no changes. I then asked him what he wanted to change on the ADS and he said it was the wording of the project descriptions. Apparently they had responded to an RFP that required the bidders have a Maturity Level 3 rating for the type of product development required by the contract. Unfortunately for the client, their appraisal covered a different type of product development and they got downgraded for this reason. There are several lessons to be learned from this situation: 1. appraisals should cover projects that are the core business of the organization and 2. there should be a section in the proposal that explains how the Maturity Level 3 capability and the processes and procedures from an unrelated project will be used on the contract to achieve the same results.

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