Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Responsibilities of the Configuration Control Board (CCB)

Would you please tell me the usual responsiblilities for a Configuration Control Board (CCB)? Does the project need to get an approval from CCB before creating a new baseline?

Basically the CCB is responsible for baselining specific configuration items: documents, designs, requirements, products, product components, etc. Once a configuration item has been baselined, the CCB is then responsible for reviewing and approving Change Requests to a baselined configuration item. If the CCB approves a change to a configuration item, after the item and other associated changes have been updated, then there is a new baseline version.


QA_Tester said...

What is a change according to Change process?
"Change requests address not only new or changed requirements, but
also failures and defects in the work products."--Refernce book says so...My Questions are
1.are these defects UAT defect/internal testing defects.
2.Can changes be internal?
3. Is it mandatory that all changes should come from an external entity called Customer?

Henry Schneider said...

Dear QA_Tester:
The first concept to understand is that there are many different work products that could be controlled by the CCB. These include requirements, specifications, plans, processes and procedures, process assets, source code, test cases, etc. All of these configuration items are reviewed, approved, and baselined. Therefore, the formal change control process involving the CCB is used to make approved changes to these items. Changes to these items can come many and varied sources, including: the customer, internal analysis, audits, appraisals, reviews, inspections, peer reviews, internal testing, external testing, etc. The CCB would review all of the proposed changes to the baselined configuration items to determine if the changes should be implemented, based on change impact analyses.

wheel alignment said...

Change control systems do not approve or deny the changes-that's the responsibility of the configuration control board (CCB) ...