Thursday, February 4, 2010

GP 2.9 in PPQA process area - what do I need?

I'm responsible for coordinating CMMI ML2 implementation in my organization. For PPQA GP 2.9 "Objectively evaluate adherence of the process against its process description, standards, and procedures, and address noncompliance" who can be an internal auditor of my organization?

And about tools and forms for this evaluation: Could I elaborate a checklist for this evaluation? Do you have any examples of this?

An objective evaluation implies some independence from the people performing the process activities. That means the people who perform the PPQA activities do not evaluate their own work. Organizations perform GP 2.9 of PPQA in a variety of ways.

1. Someone else in the organization who is not performing the PPQA audits of REQM, PP, PMC, etc. audits the PPQA activities

2. If the company is large and has several divisions, someone who performs the PPQA activities in another division audits the PPQA activities in your division

3. An external auditor (e.g., ISO 9000) audits the PPQA activities

4. An external consultant audits the PPQA activities

5. If your company is a government supplier, then the government may be auditing the PPQA activities

6. Etc.

So in your case, you could use an internal auditor to audit the PPQA activities as long as that person is not auditing his or her own work.

As far as a checklist, that needs to be developed by the person who is auditing the PPQA activities, just like the PPQA audits develop the checklists for the other Process Areas. The checklists need to cover both a process audit and a work product audit, and it may be easier to have two checklists instead of one. The checklist needs to be based on your documented PPQA process and process assets, not the CMMI.

If you are having difficulty understanding how to write a checklist, then I strongly encourage you and your organization to have someone come and train you how to perform PPQA audits. It is very important to conduct these properly; otherwise you could face difficulties with your process improvement efforts.

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