Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shortened CMMI Explanation

I have just started CMMI in my organization. I am looking for the shortened explanation for each of the CMMI Process Areas. I then plan to preach CMMI in much simpler, easy to understand language which would be like bulleted points. I also intend to offer seminars in my organization with different departments to make them understand what exactly do they are required to do. If you can help me, I would be very thankful.

I applaud your initiative and your plans. The best advice that I can give you is to take the SEI’s 3-day Introduction to CMMI class. That class will provide you with the necessary information for you to craft a shortened version for your organization. As an alternative, you can read the CMMI. The introduction of each Process Area provides a short explanation of the intent of each Process Area. But if you do not have any background with the CMMI, hire a CMMI consultant and explain to him or her your needs and have them help you prepare the training material you desire. What you are asking for is not free. It takes time and effort to produce and is a consultant's intellectual property.


connect2hcb said...

You may find the following link useful:

CMMI-DEV v1.2 Process Areas

However, as Henry said hiring a consultant is the way to go if you intend to implement CMMI and not just stop at getting a high-level understanding of CMMI.

Henry Schneider said...

Thank you for posting a link to a one-line summary of each Process Area in the CMMI-DEV. By and large I agree with each statement. However, the summary for OPP should be modified to state:
How to quantitatively characterize and understand the organization’s process performance.

connect2hcb said...

Thanks for pointing out that small change which makes a big difference. As suggested, I have made the change accordingly.