Saturday, April 10, 2010

Configuration Management - SP 1.3-1 , SP 2.2.-1

I would like your opinion in relation to situation below.

Once a change was been verbally approved, is there some problem in relation to CM SP 1.3 (Create or Release Baselines) - sub-practice 1 and CM SP 2.2 (Control configuration items) - sub-practice 2, if the record of the modification in the schedule and the change control tool are done in subsequent periods until a maximum limit of time of the defined period for monitoring of the project?


Verbal approval of the change - Monday
Beginning of the work - Tuesday, with storage of the configuration items in the configuration system (without baseline).
Register of the change in the change control tool and record of the activities in the project schedule - Friday
Collection of the progress and effort - Next Monday (weekly Monitoring, all monday)

In advance, thank you very much.

The first problem I see is the verbal approval. Verbal approvals are difficult to document or provide as evidence and over time can be forgotten or misremembered, not to downplay the risks associated by not documenting decisions.

Secondly, since you are asking about the sub-practices, that makes me wonder if you have taken the SEI’s Introduction to CMMI class. If you have taken the class, your instructor should have made clear to you the distinction between the required, expected, and informative components of the model. The sub-practices are informative components and are therefore provided only as information to help you understand the intent of the Specific and Generic Practices and Goals. To be clear, you are neither required nor expected to implement the sub-practices.

If the weekly schedule you described works for your projects, then you should be able to map it to the Configuration Management (CM) Specific Practices (SPs). However, the described weekly schedule sounds like it may have some gaps.

I strongly suggest that you have an SEI-certified Lead Appraiser conduct a Gap Analysis (Class C appraisal) of your organization, especially CM, to determine the gaps between your implementation and the CMMI.

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