Thursday, July 1, 2010

Appraisal Sponsor Roles and Responsibilities

I am looking for information regarding the roles and responsibilities of the appraisal sponsor.

My organization is preparing for an external appraisal and I'd like to provide the sponsor with a summary of her role and what she will be expected to do for the appraisal such as review and sign the appraisal plan, attending the opening and findings briefings etc.

It sounds like you have a pretty good understanding already of the appraisal sponsor’s duties. It would be helpful to you to ask this question of your Lead Appraiser to see if he or she has any specific requests for the appraisal sponsor. As a Lead Appraiser, these are my expectations. The appraisal sponsor:

  1. Provides the funding and senior management commitment for process improvement and the appraisal
  2. Does not serve on the appraisal team
  3. Meets at least once with the Lead Appraiser to discuss the appraisal
  4. Provides the business objectives for the organization
  5. Signs the Appraisal Input Document, Appraisal Plan, and Appraisal Disclosure Statement
  6. Attends the Opening Briefing to reinforce why the appraisal is being conducted and the importance of everyone to support the appraisal team
  7. Meet with the appraisal team before the Final Findings presentation to privately receive the results and prepare the proper message for the organization at the Final Findings Presentation
  8. Attend the Final Findings Presentation and at the conclusion of the presentation thank the appraisal team for their efforts and thank the organization for their efforts regardless of the outcome. If the results were bad news, turn it into a positive statement of encouragement, etc.
  9. Complete the feedback form in SAS for the appraisal results
  10. Receive the appraisal results and maintain the appraisal record for three years
  11. Do not publicly disclose the appraisal results until the SEI has completed its quality review and announced the results to the Lead Appraiser and appraisal sponsor

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