Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is Going Directly for a CMMI ML 5 Appraisal Allowed?

Is a CMMI v1.2 ML 5 appraisal allowed in the following situation?

One of my company's divisions was successfully appraised to CMMI v1.1 ML 5 but the appraisal results expired in 2009. Now my company wants all three divisions, which are located in different cities, appraised to ML 5. Though skipping levels is not recommended, however, is it allowed to go for the appraisal?

There is nothing from the SEI that prevents a company from being appraised to whatever Capability Level or Maturity Level that it chooses. That being said, what does drive the CL or ML is the organization being able to collect, analyze, and correctly use data for statistical and quantitative analysis, as well as being able to institutionalize the behaviors and practices. You should hire an SEI-Certified High Maturity Lead Appraiser and have him or her perform a Class C or Class B appraisal to determine the risks with your current approach and implementation of ML 5. The outcome of this exercise will determine if it is feasible to achieve ML 5 at all three sites.

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