Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why Isn't the SEI Implementing the CMMI for Itself?

Why doesn't the SEI use its own model- CMMI for all its different product development and services? Even for SEI projects and program management it is crucial, and they have customers the world over. If the SEI goes for CMMI ML3 Appraisal it will be great for the user community and they can achieve their mission in a planned manner, right?

Do Lead Appraisers & SEI Partners feel that they can benefit if the SEI gets CMMI ML3 (defined Process)?

In such a case, who will appraise the SEI? (sorry for such a hypothetical Question)

As the SEI does not develop software, but delivers services, the CMMI-DEV doesn’t apply. That is why the SEI has not been previously appraised to the CMMI. However, the SEI is now implementing the CMMI-SVC for the services it delivers. This is a good thing and the SEI Partners are noticing some of the improvements. Obviously, by the SEI’s Conflict of Interest policy, a CMMI-SVC Lead Appraiser external to the SEI organization being appraised would have to lead the appraisal team.

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