Sunday, October 9, 2011

SCAMPI Document Review

I have two questions or requests for clarification:
  • During the document review in SCAMPI B, wherever we do not have a doc, ppt, or xls as an artifact, we provide screenshots from tools where the planning and tracking are done.  However, our Lead Appraiser (LA) is asking for access to tools for all the ATMs.  But it is not possible to give access to certain tools as they are client specific and only the team working on the project gets access (that too after signing an NDA).  How do we handle this situation?  Even if the tool is internal, access is very much restricted based on role in the project.  Can the LA really require access to tools for all ATMs, which is not allowed as per the policy of an organization?  Is there a guideline on what process to follow in case access to certain tools or application is restricted? 
  • Is there a material, which shows a linkage of all the PAs (representing interaction of PAs) and gives a holistic view of CMMI PAs when applied to an organization at Maturity L5. This is more from a training perspective. 
Have you explained these restrictions to your Lead Appraiser?  The Lead Appraiser should be flexible regarding access to restricted tools.  As a Lead Appraiser, I would find the screen shots as acceptable evidence in your situation.  And if I wanted or needed to view additional evidence, I would request that you provide a demonstration of the tool by an authorized user and have this person be directed by the ATMs or Lead Appraiser to view specific information.  I have used screen shots as evidence on numerous appraisals in the past.  The SCAMPI method allows for screen shots and tool demos for just such reasons as yours.  If your Lead Appraiser is unwilling to abide by your restrictions on tool access, then I would strongly urge you to find a new Lead Appraiser and possibly report him or her to the SEI.

Look in Chapter 4 of the CMMI-DEV book and you will find a series of diagrams that show the linkages between the PAs at a very high level.

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