Monday, April 14, 2008

CMMI-ACQ - Agreement Management

Agreement Management (AM) is a Maturity Level 2 (ML 2) Process Area (PA) in the CMMI-ACQ. Basically this PA is a more robust treatment of the CMMI-DEV PA Supplier Agreement Management (SAM) Specific Goal 2 (SG 2), Satisfy Supplier Agreements. The Specific Goal and most of the Specific Practices have the same titles between the two PAs. However, the details are quite different.

AM only has one Specific Goal - The terms of the supplier agreement are met by both the acquirer and the supplier. SAM uses the term project instead of acquirer. This difference means that AM is applied in a broader sense than SAM. SAM focusses on the project's needs for acquiring a product or service from a supplier. AM focusses on the acquirer, which may be
· Procurement
· Purchasing
· Outsourcing
· Supply chain
· Buyer
· Contracting
· Logistics
· Supply sourcing
Mike Phillips/SEI said in the CMMI-ACQ class that he has a list of 17 different terms for acquirer.

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