Saturday, April 5, 2008

Setting Proper Goals and Objectives

On choosing a transition partner for process improvment... : Green & White
One of the underlying issues in the "doomsday scenario" discussed in this article is management commitment and the proper setting of Business Goals and Objectives, Process Goals and Objectives, Quality Goals and Objectives, Project Management Goals and Objectives, etc. Achieving a certification like ISO 9000 or a CMMI Maturity Level is NOT, and should NEVER be, one of these Goals and Objectives. Unfortunately, setting the achievement of ISO or a CMMI Matuity Level is often what I see as a Business Goal and Objective when I teach the CMMI class or pay the initial visit to a new client. When the organization has this view of why it is in business, then they display ALL of the dysfunctional behaviors you noted above.

In my experience, most managers do not know how to perform proper goal setting without some coaching and mentoring. Either the goals are too lofty (motherhood and apple pie) or they have nothing to do with their core business (achieve ISO 9000 etc.).

And if their customers are demanding ISO 9000 or CMMI in order for the company to win new business, then it is extremely difficult to get management's attention to set proper goals and objectives.

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