Thursday, July 10, 2008

Achieving CMMI Level 2

I am a junior in the field of SQA. I need help about the implementation of CMMI. I want to implement CMMI in the organization Iam working for. I need to know the names of the documents needed to achieve CMMI level 2. And it will be very beneficial for me if I could find out the templates of the documents.

The best advice that I can give you is to take the SEI’s 3-day Introduction to CMMI class. That class will provide you the basics for understanding what you need to do to achieve Maturity Level 2.

A very important concept to understand is that there ISN’T any canned set of documents or templates that you have to have in order to achieve Maturity Level 2. The specific processes you need to document and the associated process assets are a function of the work you perform and the methodology you use to produce your products. I would also suggest that you hire an SEI-authorized Lead Appraiser/consultant to help you understand how to implement the model and achieve Maturity Level 2.

An alternative is to read some of the many books that have been written on how to implement the CMMI. Just look at Amazon for some ideas.

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