Monday, December 1, 2008

List of Appraised Companies

How can I see a list of CMMI appraised companies across the globe for all levels and years?

With the release of CMMI v1.2 in August 2006, the SEI instituted a new policy regarding the expiration of appraisal results. All appraisal results expire three years from the anniversary date of the appraisal. The list of published appraisal results is available from the SEI at Once the appraisal results reach their third anniversary date, they are automatically removed from this list. For example you could check the list today and find the results for an appraisal conducted December 2, 2005. Wait a day or so and you will no longer find the record. You can sort this list based on year, organization name, Maturity Level, etc.

Keep in mind that once the appraisal results have expired, they are no longer valid and the organization should have been re-appraised in order to continue to claim a particular Capability or Maturity Level.

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