Friday, December 5, 2008

Process Writing vs. Process Definition

What is the difference between Process Writing and Process Definition?

Process Definition is the act of determining or defining the process. That means interviewing people on how they perform their process and then drawing a process flow diagram describing the interactions between all of the process activities. It is basically the type of steps you follow when you perform the second and third exercises in the SEI's Intro to CMMI class. You examine each process activity and answer a series of questions about entry/exit criteria, input/outputs, verification points, measures, sub-activities, etc. Assembling all of this material, including the predecessor/successor relationships between the process activities is Process Definition. Then the final step of putting this information into a usable form by the process practitioners is Process Writing. In other words, Process Writing it simply documenting the process once you have determined all of the necessary pieces and parts.

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