Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Does the SEI issue any certificates?

Does the SEI issue any kind of certificate to the organization who achieves a Maturity Level in a SCAMPI A? Please share any information about it.

The SEI does not issue certificates or certifications. The closest they come is certifying the High Maturity Lead Appraisers.

Since most organizations want to receive some sort of certificate documenting the results of a SCAMPI A appraisal, Lead Appraisers will present something that looks like a certificate to the company indicating the organization being appraised, the date the SCAMPI A concluded, and the appraisal team’s results (Maturity or Capability Level), with the caveat that the results are contingent upon the results of the SEI’s Quality Assurance audit. But nowhere on this form will it indicate certificate. This "certificate" is the unofficial document of the resulting Maturity or Capability Level.

The Appraisal Disclosure Statement is the only valid document of the appraisal results, and if approved for posting by the Appraisal Sponsor and if it passes the SEI’s QA audit, then this is the document that is posted on the SEI’s Appraisal Results web site http://sas.sei.cmu.edu/pars/pars.aspx. And keep in mind, these results are only valid for three years from the date the SCAMPI A concluded.

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