Monday, January 19, 2009

Mock CMMI Appraisal

My Organisation is planning to conduct a CMMi mock assessment soon. Googling for the same has not helped me out so I am asking if you could share the mock assessment questions if possible.

I would assume the reason that your organization would be conducting a CMMI mock appraisal would be to prepare you for the formal SCAMPI A appraisal. Basically a dress rehearsal, which should be led by your Lead Appraiser. What you are asking for is a SCAMPI B appraisal. Do not attempt to conduct this internally without a Lead Appraiser, unless you have someone internally who is a SCAMPI B or C Team Lead.

A dress rehearsal is an excellent exercise to conduct. It helps put everyone at ease and provides practical experience in what to expect for the formal SCAMPI A. Therefore, the interview questions for the mock appraisal should be the same as those asked in a SCAMPI A. But again, these questions should be asked by the Lead Appraiser, otherwise you run the risk of misinterpreting the model, the evidence, or asking inappropriate questions.

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