Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Appraisal Team Size Redux

For a continuous appraisal of lets say 1 to 2 PAs, does the minimum 4 ATM for SCAMPI A still apply? Seems unreasonable to me. The MDD does not appear to address any tailoring option on this for continuous appraisals.

The SCAMPI Method Description Document (MDD) is clear that the minimum appraisal team size is 4 people. You raise an interesting point. Forgetting the team size for the moment, why would an organization go through the expense of a SCAMPI A just for one or two Process Areas? To me that just doesn’t appear to be a good use of the organization’s money. Seems to me that the organization would be better served by a Continuous SCAMPI A evaluating 4 or more PAs that would provide a better indication to the organization. Now you may want to perform a Class C or Class B on one or two PAs. That makes sense and there are no team size limitations on Bs and Cs. In fact, the Lead Appraiser could be the only person on the team then.

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