Monday, February 16, 2009

Appraisal Team Size

We are a small IT company (40 members) that wants to get Maturity Level 3 as a first effort. We are thinking about forming an appraisal team (for a SCAMPI A appraisal) composed of 3 internal members and 1 external team leader. Is there any problem or recommendation about this approach?

The SCAMPI method requires a minimum appraisal team size of four people including the Lead Appraiser. And it is a good practice to have at least two appraisal team members be from the organization being appraised. So having three internal team members plus the Lead Appraiser meets the minimum SCAMPI requirements for an appraisal. From my experience, I would suggest adding some external team members. Having additional people will ease the burden on the team for evaluating the evidence and will also provide some outside perspectives on your processes. Your Lead Appraiser should be able to suggest the proper team size and recommend some external team members. And many times, external team members are willing to participate for free since they may be looking for appraisals in order to maintain their credentials, etc.

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