Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MA and PPQA Questions

I have the following two basic queries about CMMI ML 2:
  1. While writing a Metrics and measurement process, should we address the organization level metrics data consolidation and review. As ML 2 is project specific, is it proper to also document the organization level data consolidation? Also can anyone tell me, the right site for definition of metrics like requirement stability index, schedule variance, effort variance etc.?
  2. Similarly while documenting PPQA process, is it proper to start with defining an organization level PPQA plan? I am looking for boundaries where to limit writing processes compliant to ML 2. I know that G.P 2.1 to G.P 2.10 must be in place to achieve CMMI ML 2, but the organization specific plans/areas must not be mentioned/documented at CMMI ML 2.

You sound like you are focusing on CMMI compliance rather than on your business goals and objectives. One of the basic tenets of the model is your business objectives. That is where your focus belongs. And if done properly, you will have the side benefit of being CMMI compliant. So, to address your questions:

  1. When documenting your Measurement and Analysis process, you should focus on those measures that are important to you. Remember, the first MA practice SP 1.1 states “Establish and maintain measurement objectives that are derived from identified information needs and objectives.” So whatever you have identified as information needs and objectives, that should be your MA focus. At ML 2, for many organizations that are just doing this for the first time, I recommend the org take baby steps and begin with a project focus. But you don’t have to be restricted to the project, an ML 2 org may have also identified some org level measures as well. Go to the Practical Software and Systems Measurement web site for the specific measurement information you need
  2. There are NO CMMI-imposed restrictions on the limits of PPQA. Your organization must define its own limits for the processes you are going to audit. Since GP 2.9 applies to all Process Areas, at a minimum for ML 2, PPQA applies to all of the ML 2 Process Areas you have implemented in your organization. But, if there are other processes that are critical and/or important to the success of your business, then it makes perfect sense to have PPQA audit them as well. Again, do what is right for your business.

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