Friday, April 10, 2009

PPM - Data Analysis

We are a CMMI ver 1.1 level 5 assessed software company and we are in the process of ver 1.2 assessment. As part of this, we are developing the Process Performance Models. We would like to get input on the following points.
  1. What kind of statistical analysis are required on the data that is collected for the PPM development?.
  2. Do we need to perform Gage R&R test on the data that is collected?. As mentioned, since we are a software company and not a manufacturing company, i am not too sure about the data collection that needs to happen at multiple instances by the same person on the same tool and different person on the same tool.
For example, to check for Repeatability, if I am considering Schedule Variance of various feature development as a measure, there might not be any difference in the schedule variance that will be measured by different people, if the operational definition is clear for the metric.
Now to check for Reproducibility, if competency of the resource for code development is considered as a measure, this could be changing from period to period, as unlike in manufacturing industry where the activities are of repetitive nature. So the reproducibility will be minimal in this scenario.
If its mandatory to perform Gage R&R analysis on the data, can you throw some ideas on the different areas where this can be applied and how the analysis can be performed. Please share your thoughts on this.

It sounds like the Process Performance Models (PPMs) were overlooked for your organization when it was appraised to CMMI v1.1 3 years ago. I would like to make several points regarding PPMs.
  1. The CMMI does not specify any required statistical analysis technique for PPM development. Based on your data, your QPPOs, PPBs, the organization has to decide the proper analytic techniques to use. There is a wide variety available for use.
  2. What is the reason you are considering Repeatability and Reproducibility? Are you led to these items by your Quality and Process-Performance Objectives (QPPOs)?
  3. There is no CMMI requirement to use Gage R&R.
  4. It sounds to me that it would be a good idea for you and your organization to have someone facilitate a Measurement and Analysis workshop for you to properly identify your measures, PPBs, and PPMs.
  5. You are asking some questions that cannot be properly answered on this blog unless we are working directly with your organization and have some knowledge of your business.


the genuine said...

Hi, This is Ankur.

Can you give an example of work product for a process and can you clarify that PPQA include technical QA for service deliver.

Henry Schneider said...

Hi Ankur,
Thanks so much for taking the time to read the PPQC Blog and ask a question. However, it appears that you posted you question on the wrong blog post. It really belongs on the post titled PPQA Audits.

A work product is any tangible output from following a process. A work product could be a plan, a specification, a drawing, a menu, a flow, etc.

Secondly, I am not sure what you mean by technical QA for service deliver. PPQA is the acronym for Process and Product Quality Assurance and it only involves conducting audits of the process and work products created by following the process. If you mean "testing" for technical QA, then no, testing is NOT part of PPQA.