Friday, October 16, 2009

Process Performance Model and QPM Inquiry

We are a CMMI Maturity Level 5 organization and now we are preparing for our re-appraisal.
We have Process Performance Models (PPMs) with different X- prameters and good R^2, R (adjusted) & P(value).

We perform simulations to calculate the probability of achieving our organizational goal and the determination that the probability % is good enough to achieve the goal.

Now we are in our process of implementing the PPM. My question is: Shall we use the PPM to estimate the X- parameters in my projetct? Or what should I do with this model after that ?

Please advise.

I hate to say this, and I could be wrong, but reading your question it sounds like you are asking what do I need in order to be Maturity Level 5 (ML 5)? Is this equation sufficient? And by asking what do I do with the PPM, I may be misunderstanding you, but if you were really at ML 5 you wouldn’t be asking this question. I get the impression from your question that your organization doesn’t know why it is using a specific technique for the PPMs.

The best solution to your question is to ask your High Maturity Lead Appraiser for help and guidance as he or she should have enough understanding and knowledge of your organization to provide the answer.

But once again, the nature of your question gives me the uneasy feeling that your organization may not even be Maturity Level 4.

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