Saturday, October 17, 2009

REQM - SP1.1 Query

In REQM – SP1.1 calls for “Criteria for evaluation and acceptance.” Can you tell me what this expected “criteria” would be?

I suggest looking at Requirements Management (REQM) Process Area in your copy of the CMMI. On page 490 in REQM Sub-practice 2 there is a list of example evaluation and acceptance criteria.

REQM does not expect the organization to have evaluation and acceptance criteria. What you are expected to provide is evidence that support the required components (Specific Goal 1 in this case; evidence that demonstrates that your requirements are managed and inconsistencies with project plans and work products are identified) and evidence that supports the expected components (Specific Practice 1.1 in this case; evidence that demonstrates that you have developed an understanding with the requirements providers on the meaning of the requirements). If your Lead Appraiser is telling you that you have to provide these criteria, then he or she should be challenged as to why they are telling you that you need to provide this evidence.

The evaluation and acceptance criteria are one way of developing this understanding. Please bear in mind the section title is TYPICAL Work Products, not EXPECTED Work Products, or REQUIRED Work Products. The list of Typical Work Products is merely a list of example work products.

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