Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Delivering Process Training

Training plays a major role in the implementation of any process in the organization. The way it is done and the examples/illustrations explained during the session definitely helps the employees understands the need for such model implementation for process improvement. Can some videos, pictures, jokes work out well in a typical CMMI or QMS training session. How can the effectiveness of the training be improved based on these methods or innovative techniques? How do you cover the crowd?

There is no prescribed method in the CMMI for how you train people. Everything you mention in your note sounds like great ideas for getting the message out. The only caution I have is to be sensitive to your audience. A joke that works in one setting may not work in another. A good instructor should be able to read the audience and adjust his or her teaching style appropriately to allow for differences.

So whatever you do to liven up what can be some very dry information is a good idea. You may want to use a video or movie clip that illustrates some important process concept. Go for it! It will make the class much more enjoyable for all concerned.

I recently read a very good book on developing and delivering inspirational messages called “Fire Them Up!” by Carmine Gallo http://www.carminegallo.com/. The book presents seven simple ways to inspire colleagues, customers, and clients. The seven methods can be summarized as igniting your enthusiasm, navigating the way, selling the benefit, painting a picture, inviting participation, reinforcing an optimistic outlook, and encouraging people to reach their potential.

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