Monday, August 25, 2008

PMI PMBOK - CMMI Process Map

I often meet managers trained in the PMBOK and are certified PMPs (Project Management Professionals) who do not know enough about the CMMI but continue to press for using PMBOK as a guide in improving IT project management processes. I have studied the PMBOK and believe that the CMMI is a better option for managing IT projects. I can help PMPs understand my views better if I can show a map of processes in both the PMBOK and CMMI processes and then showing additional features of the CMMI helpful in managing IT projects. I would appreciate it if you could lead me to any such study where the two are mapped, something similar to the CMMI - ISO 9001:2000 map.

Try this link from the SEI, it will pull up a presentation that compares and contrasts the CMMI and PMBOK. In addition, this page provides links to a number of comparisons between the CMMI and other models and standards.

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