Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lead Appraiser Authorization Steps

What are the requirements for the SEI to "approve" a lead appraiser?

The SEI is the only body allowed to authorize a SCAMPI Lead Appraiser (LA).
The process for becoming a SCAMPI LA is:

  1. You must take the SEI’s Intro to CMMI 3-day class, either the current v1.2 class or the v1.2 Upgrade class if you have taken an earlier version.
  2. You must have an SEI Partner sponsor you as a candidate Lead Appraiser
  3. You must take the SEI’s 5-day Intermediate CMMI Class v1.2 $2750
  4. You must participate on at least two SCAMPI A appraisals within the past 24 months
  5. You must take the SEI’s 5-day SCAMPI LA class $4200
  6. You must be observed by an SEI Observer leading a SCAMPI A Appraisal
  7. The SCAMPI LA renewal requirements can be found here . There is a three year period in which the LA has to conduct at least one SCAMPI A and accrue at least 3 points

In addition, the prerequisites for becoming a LA are:

  • at least ten years of project management and engineering experience in systems or software engineering
  • a minimum of two years of experience managing technical personnel
  • an advanced degree in a related technical area or equivalent experience

Since there are limited appraisal opportunities within a company, there may not be enough opportunities for the LA to accumulate the necessary 3 points in order to maintain his or her LA credentials.


Anonymous said...

Small clarification regarding p.4. Should be added "or on one SCAMPI A appraisal and two SCAMPI B or C appraisals". Thus not only two SCAMPI A, there is another option exists. :)

Henry Schneider said...

Good catch! Thanks for setting the record straight. I tend to forget about the SCAMPI B and C appraisals as I am primarily focused on SCAMPI A appraisals.