Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TS SP 2.2 Establish a Technical Data Package

During our implementation of the Technical Solution (TS) Process Area (PA) we had some discussions on how to implement the Technical Data Package.

Is this Specific Practice (SP) expecting just the design documents with the generic artifacts captured as part of CM plan or SMP deliverables?
Is this SP requiring explicit capture of all the applicable technical data like architecture, data sheets, other technical articles, etc. as a section of the design document?

The quick answer is yes. First go to the CMMI Glossary and look up “technical data package.” There you will find a “shopping list” of the typical contents of the technical data package. The contents of the package are a function of where you are in the development lifecycle. Early in the lifecycle there won’t be a lot of content, but at the end of the lifecycle there should be a lot of information. The organization should decide on what the standard contents of the technical data package should be and then each project will tailor this list for its particular needs.

The purpose of the technical data package is to provide the developer with a comprehensive description of the product or product component as it is developed throughout the lifecycle. You have to decide what the necessary documents and information are to provide a comprehensive description.


Vijay Nidadavolu said...

Hello Henry,

Does this mean all the design related stuff has to be packaged and stored somewhere to be considered a "data package"?

Henry Schneider said...

Hi Vijay,
Yes, as long as the organization has determined what design related information is essential to understanding and describing the product or product component as it is being developed. The technical data package does not have to be stored in one location, file, or document. It can be a collection of things. But the contents have to be defined and stored.