Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Work Environment Question

Both Organizational Process Definition (OPD) and Integrated Project Management (IPM) reference the work environment. What is the difference between OPD SP 1.6 and IPM SP 1.3?

OPD Specific Practice (SP) 1.6 is "Establish and maintain work environment standards" and IPM SP 1.3 is "Establish and maintain the project's work environment based on the organization's work environment standards." OPD is an organizational level Process Area (PA) and IPM is a project level PA.

The expectation for OPD SP 1.6 is that the organization defines work environment standards that allow both the organization and projects to benefit from a common set of tools, training, and maintenance. The intent of OPD SP 1.6 is NOT to define the standard work environment, but to define standards for the work environment. Standards typically include work environment operations, safety, and security procedures, standard hardware and software configurations, standard software application loads, and procedures for requesting waivers or tailoring. In addition, projects may have additional requirements for their work environments.

In contrast, the intent of IPM SP 1.3 is to use the work environment standards defined by OPD SP 1.6 to define the appropriate work environment for the project. The project's work environment might include the development environment, the testing environment, the integration environment, the verification environment, and the validation environment. These environments could be one environment or separate environments and/or facilities.

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