Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Question About Measures

Can someone please help me with the following questions:
  1. Are there examples of typical or common measurements than an organization can use for every process area? (different examples appear in Generic Practice (GP) 2.8)
  2. Where I can look up them?
  3. Are there some measurement standards that show or define typical or common measurements? Which?
  4. Do they apply to a specific Process Area (PA)? If so, which PA?

Granted there are some common measures such as effort and time spent on an activity. But the underlying principle of the CMMI and more importantly Measurement and Analysis (MA) is to define your goals and objectives and use them to determine your measurement needs. Then you will be able to easily specify those measures that have the most value to your organization and projects. You have to understand why you are collecting a specific piece of data and how you are going to use the information to make a decision, otherwise you will have difficulties and over time people will forget why you are collecting and using the data. They will not see the benefits of these measures. As I have posted to this blog before, start with the MA Process Area and use the practices to define your measures, how you will collect , analyze, report, and use them. MA is based on Practical Software Measurement (PSM). Read the PSM book and visit the PSM web site . The book is very easy to read and understand. It contains several case studies and example measures that will help you define your organization’s measures.

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