Thursday, October 9, 2008

CM SP 3.2 Evidence Guidance

The release of CMMI v1.2 included a change to the examples for CM SP 3.2, Perform configuration audits to maintain integrity of the configuration baselines.
Examples of audit types include the following:

  • Functional Configuration Audits (FCA) – Audits conducted to verify that the as-tested functional characteristics of a configuration item have achieved the requirements specified in its functional baseline documentation and that the operational and support documentation is complete and satisfactory.
  • Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) – Audits conducted to verify that the as-built configuration item conforms to the technical documentation that defines it.
  • Configuration management audits – Audits conducted to confirm that configuration management records and configuration items are complete, consistent, and accurate.
Are projects now required to provide evidence for each of these examples?

As the Configuration Management (CM) Specific Practice (SP) states, these are examples of Configuration Audits and are part of the informative material of the model. Therefore these examples are neither required nor expected. As long as the organization and projects are performing some kind of configuration audit(s) that assesses the integrity of the baseline(s), that meets the intent of the practice. For a SCAMPI Appraisal projects are not required to provide evidence for each type listed in the examples.

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