Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stakeholder Invovlement Question

Our organization has project stakeholders whose only project involvement is as a decision maker in an end-of-phase meeting. What is expected of the stakeholders (e.g., training and project involvement) if they are outside of our process, as far as the appraisal interviews are concerned?

In the case described, the stakeholder is NOT outside the process.

The “plan for stakeholder involvement” defines the expected role of the stakeholder in the project, or process. This, in turn, defines the scope of training required. In the case described, the stakeholder would minimally need training in the conduct of end-of-phase meetings. However, if decision making required knowledge of work products produced by the project team, orientation to those products might also be required. Training in Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) may also be required, depending upon whether or not the decisions meet the criteria for initiating the DAR process.

Note that training may take many forms, including orientation or briefings on required topics. The expectation is that the stakeholder knows enough to credibly perform the responsibilities described in the project plan or process description.

In the case described, the stakeholder might be selected for an appraisal interview.

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