Monday, August 10, 2009

Examples of Applying CMMI or CMMI-SVC to Government Organizations

I'm looking for cases where CMMI or CMMI-SVC have been applied (successfully or otherwise) within a government organization. I'm trying to identify lessons learned that would be useful to a US federal government department that has considered applying CMMI practices for process improvement.

There have been multiple US Government and Military organizations that have implemented and been appraised to the CMMI. Just look at the SEI's list of appraisal results and you will find these organizations. As far as the CMMI-SVC goes, this constellation was only released in late Feb 2009 and organizations are just beginning to use the model. So I seriously doubt that there are any examples of use available at this point in time. My guess is that the first time anyone will see examples of the CMMI-SVC being used will be at the 2010 SEPG Conference in Savannah, Georgia March 2010.


Charles said...

Did you ever get answers to your questions? Charles. We ar busy with CMMI-SVC, ACQ & Dev

Henry Schneider said...

Since it is 2 1/2 years since this blog post, there are now numerous cases of CMMI-SVC being used by Government Organizations. Again, just look at the published appraisal results and contact the sponsor of the appraised organization of interest for more information.