Monday, August 10, 2009

The Right Model to Follow

Our operations involve providing reporting solutions & implementing them based on tools like SAP BOBJ, MSTR, MS, ORCL primarily setting up datamarts & ETL processes and also providing technical support to customers as a line of business (Java/.net support for third party tools based on bugs/additional requirements given by customers at random)

Question 1: For such an organization , would it be right to follow CMMI for Development or CMMI for Services or both?
Question 2: Are appraisals made on CMMI V1.3 or are we still in CMMI V1.2. If still on 1.2, when are we likely to move to V1.3?
Question 3: If only a few projects or one division of an organization is appraised, will the appraisal rating stand for the company?

Question 1 – This question is difficult to answer based upon your description. Are you developing a product or delivering a service? I really cannot tell from your description, it could be either or both. If you are developing a product, then the CMMI-DEV might be applicable. If you are delivering a service, then the CMMI-SVC might be applicable. And you could blend the two. Another aspect to consider is are you planning to have a SCAMPI A appraisal? If so, then your Lead Appraiser will be able to help you decide which constellation is applicable to your organization. If you are not planning on being appraised, then I would suggest that you look at both constellations and use the Process Areas that apply best to your organization.
Question 2 – CMMI v1.2 is the current version. The SEI recently announced that v1.3 will be released in November 2010. And based on past experience, the SEI will most likely allow appraisals against v1.2 to be conducted up until October 31, 2011.
Question 3 – The short answer is no. The appraisal results ONLY apply to the organization that was appraised, not the entire company.

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